Outstanding  customer service is what a Telecom agency should be all about. Telecom Agents/Brokers can possess impressive telecommunications verbiage and tech speak, but experience and customer service dedication outweigh tech speak any day. It’s like judging a book by it’s cover- don’t be fooled. The telecom business is crawling with sales agents and each one wants to impress you with their spiel. How do you make a wise decision without being persuaded by a well-articulated tech spiel about products and/or services you don’t need?

Believe it or not, being aware about customer service practices and your expectations is more important than being tech savvy when choosing a  Telecommunications Broker. Another helpful tip; Choosing your Telecom Agency (MasterAgency) should be done prior to deciding on which Unified Communications/ Telecom Carriers you are interested in. Questions to ask yourself and a Telecom Broker:

  1. How much experience? How long has the Telecom Agency been in business and also how long have the Master Agents been working there?
  2. Are they concerned with providing a specific plan for YOUR business?
  3. When I have an issue, who will be there to answer my questions?
  4. In what part of the process is my Telecom Broker involved in?
  5. Do I have to pay for a quote from the Telecom Broker?

These questions will give you an optimal head start. Because there are so many consistently new Unified Communications products and services available to your business, the determining factors for where you take your business and who you trust comes down to experience and superb customer service.

NWMAP offers free quotes, customer service first promise, and agents with 20+ years experience individually.