Rebranding Yourself (or Your Company)

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A few months ago, we began a journey which we later referred to as “rebranding”. First we started with adding new products and services, streamlining existing, and last but not least improving our online presence with a brand new website update.

It’s been several years since we’ve looked at how our branding was effecting our online presence. Obvious lesson learned: Rebranding may not be necessary, but revisiting your online presence and branding efforts should be a regular item on you checklist.

Rebranding: a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, etc.

What goes into the rebranding effort? It means different things for different businesses; from small to large, and simple to complex. It’s a change that needs to be in harmony with your current status and an inclination of where you want to be in the future/future goals/growth.

You can have the best company in the galaxy, but truth is, image and brand matter…a lot.

Rebranding efforts should include:
•image, visuals, and first impressions matter to your online branding. It’s a visual world and images (even colors) are considered a first impression! You can get an idea where you stand by checking out your competitors.
• lead with what’s popular (products and services change over time); Cloud technology is big in my world. With the new website and rebranding efforts, I’ve emphasized Cloud services and new products.
•audiences change; your consumers and audience changes over time and it’s crucial to pay attention to who you want to appeal to, broaden your reach to, or focus on. You also want to appeal to an audience/consumer you hope to attract and grow with.
• double the efforts. Rebranding and restoring relevancy to your company is a conscious effort, and some may choose to do everything radically all at once/complete overhaul, I’ve chosen to introduce new elements to my business over the course of 3 months. This website revamp was the tip of the iceberg for me.
•consistency is key. your brand should be consistent with all your social media, your business itself, the industry, and your website. For many companies, it won’t hurt to stand out a little. Getting recognized is half the battle.

At the end of your rebranding journey, you should be able to see exactly where you started, the path of your business or your career, and what the future has in store. All the transitions will seamlessly fall into place.

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NWMAP Gives New Telecom Agents The Tools to Earn Extra Cash

money-makers-We want to see you succeed. We’ve built a business around relationships and one of the most important ones is with our new Telecom Agents. Feeling like they’re supported and have flexibility can give them a fighting chance with our tools and strategies.

1st plan is
                All you have to do is refer the business and we will do the rest and keep in the loop.   You get paid residually on all that is sold into the account for services you don’t represent.  You get an email of commissions.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   We will meet with the client.  You can get overrides from all your agents sakes.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.
2nd plan is
                We teach you, present, propose and close the opportunity.   We will figure out from the opportunity what is the solutions for the client.   Meet with the client and you.   Commission statement is emailed you.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   You can get overrides from each agent you recruit of all their sales.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.   More commission the referral. 
3rd plan is a direct sales representative with a sliding scale to become a master agent with us.  All the above with more commissions and it starts at one level and increase with sales. 
 25% referrals of what we get from the carriers. 
50% stays in the opportunity but we do all the work of what we get from the carriers.
60% during training of closed sales.
70% after $5000.00 in combined sales total,   Stay at this level without a quota
75% after $10,000 in sales  with some quota
80% after $15.000 in sales with more quota
We need to chat to get more.  
                -Local number to dial
                -Email to contact
                -Pay once a month electronically or by check
-Each product we represent has an agent manager and carrier tools and will help to close the opportunity.
-Excel commission statements emailed or a portal to look at and down load
-Qualify tools
-pass the lead and forget till you get paid
-web site legitimacy
-been in business since 2001
-you can have email, phone number and ext., phone, business cards, virtual desk top, and more from us.
-we can pay in advance up to 50% on closed sales. 
If you have questions, we are available.

The Value of Telecom Agents When Considering The Cloud

Telecom Agents understand the business and they’ve built relationships with vendors so that your buying experience will be that much easier. The important conversation today is all about Cloud computing. And Agent can help you address your questions. It’s no secret the Cloud is something that has benefits for virtually every business. The ONLY downside is the abundance of information out there.

As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming for the average business owner and client. Agents help weed through that for you and with you. Agents realize some clients don’t even want to test the waters but getting the conversation started will help ease the hesitations and ultimately boost both business costs and productivity.


If clients are thinking about the Cloud only in terms of just one more technology they need to unravel the mystery of, they’re at a significant disadvantage. Agents can open up the world of Cloud to them from the cost savings point of view. The Cloud is a shift in the business and economic models for adapting IT.

Questions to address:

How old is your server?

What would the cost be to replace your server?

How old are the desktop PC’s?

How much would it cost to replace just one of those PC’s?

Do you have IT needs/projects that are too expensive to complete?


Businesses, especially the small- medium (SMB’s), must be seen as competitive as the larger ones since it’s quite possible with e-commerce. The Internet has given SMB’s an advantage and is the perfect place for you to gain that edge. However, behind the scenes must also be on target as well. Telecom Agents work to bridge the gap between behind-the-scene results and client satisfaction.

Questions to address:

Do you have IT needs/projects that are simply too time-consuming to complete?

Do you have employees who work remotely in the field or telecommute?

Is there a system or process in place to restore data quickly?

How is information currently being backed up?


What You Need to Know About Your Phone System in The Cloud: Hosted/Virtual PBX

cloudpbxNWMAP Featured service: Hosted/Cloud/Virtual PBX

If you don’t already know, or haven’t already switched, your business can likely benefit from a Hosted PBX right now! We help clients everyday learn about technology that will help them grow, cut costs, be more productive between employees and business operations. Hosted services such as Hosted PBX are no exception. You can get an amazing business phone system that meets and exceeds what you would expect from a traditional phone set-up. Since it’s all virtual, all you need are phones and an Internet connection.

What exactly is Hosted PBX?  “Hosted” simply refers to your business phone system being operated by your chosen provider. You don’t have any of the equipment (or worries) and maintenance or updates of software, etc.

Who can benefit? We’ve seen great benefits of this technology within small and medium-sized businesses. Can you imagine what level it takes them to when they have a superior telephone system without the costs of operating it on-site? Businesses can choose the number of lines, extensions, fax, and email preferences while the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider manages the rest.

What else?

  • Saves money and time! We’ve saved our business clients up to 50% or more on bills, maintenance, and other telephone system related costs they had before.
  • Businesses who have multi-site locations or work-from-home employees are also benefitted by Hosted services.
  • With the ability to choose, this technology can grow with your business.
  • You (your business) only needs phone (s) and Internet connection.
  • All employees will be connected through email, fax, phone, etc.
  •  All the technology and abilities of an expensive phone system is all done virtually for you. Automated Attendant? Done. transfer calls? Of course…and much more.

NWMAP 40+ carriers. We can help find you the right provider for the best costs with little effort or disruption to your business. Contact us (free quotes and current phone bill/costs review)