NW MAP Telecom is in the business of providing solutions for our clients. With Cloud technology and a little innovation we have more options than ever. How about easy and efficient marketing tools perfect for small  businesses, administrators, marketers, and a variety of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, organizations, schools, and TV/radio…just to name a few.

One portal, one campaign, connecting and contacting on numerous mobile and social avenues:

  • Multi-channel communications; Mobile text, IM, email, blogs,  and social networks.
  • Mobile Marketing; Advertising with Mobile Keywords. Get the news out about your business with a mobile distribution list, services, build your database, offer coupons on customers’ phones, and announcements.
  • Multi- channel software provides businesses with specific ways to reach their target audience.

Easy and affordable technology- that’s the benefit and power of utilizing cloud technology. Specific, on-target marketing to reach your audience.

NW MAP also has opportunities for Sales Agents to invite businesses to take advantage of Cloud marketing. Earn money too: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent

Contact us about this innovative product: https://nwmap.com/contact-us