On our way to dinner with Access Point, Channel Connect, Monterey, Jarod Welch

If you have not had the pleasure of dinner with Jarod Welsh you are truly missing out! I have made this event for almost every year since I have been attending Intelisys Channel Connect. We laughed so hard at my table I think we all teared up at one point or another. Izaak and Kirk had me laughing from start to finish. Good thing our table was not in the middle. Great time, great people and great food. Thank you very much for inviting me to dinner Jarod. Lennie

Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect, Monterey, John Hogan Bigleaf Networks

Always a great time meeting with John at Channel Connects. Several shows ago in San Francisco I met John golfing. Don’t let him fool you about golfing. He is good. He carried us for best of four. He is amazing. While I make everyone look good golfing!

Unique service that Bigleaf Networks is providing our clients. They are managing on premise router over multiple sites. This is a fulling managed router that us worry-free providing SD-WAN. Plug and play over multiple sites and keeps all of your cloud technologies running. Fail over and the router is outside of your internal firewall and network. All this at a monthly budget-able cost. We can setup of a discovery meeting?

Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect with Neely Loring President, Matrix

Neely Loring
President & COO of Matrix
Columbia, SC 29223

I met up with Neely Loring at Channel Connect hosted by Intelisys in Monterey, CA last week. We talked about what is new at Matrix and why their services set them apart from competitors. What impressed me was their presentation of their virtual server and desktop features for the end users who use CAD. This was shown live using the hotel’s Wifi and it looked like the program was being run on a server in the same building. Amazing! Engineering firms are going to absolutely love this service.