Selecting the optimal MPLS service starts with a clear knowledge of your business requirements, what size company you have, and your network design. Many sources will unanimously state that it’s best to utilize an Agent service to assist you because they have access to the “best-of-breed” in the industry. “If this is the first time you’re selecting MPLS-based services, get external help from an experienced consultant”,  Ivan Pepelnjak, who has worked in the industry for 25 years. Agent services aren’t tied down to using just one carrier’s products. Many Telecom Agent services or managed service providors have your best interest in mind, whereas dealing directly with carriers, they may suggest you only utilize their services, products, and sales agents who typically don’t have the experience a Telecom Agent does. 

Further suggestions, “Quite often you’ll be forced to combine multiple services in your network: MPLS VPN for smaller sites, VPLS for sites with high-availability requirements (to better control convergence speed and routing protocol behavior) and pseudowires for point-to-point links between your data centers.” NWMAP offers MPLS services from reputable carriers; Paetec, Integra Telecom, and Airespring.