Happy almost Halloween AND #techtuesday!

Happy almost Halloween AND #techtuesday! Are you new to our weekly vlog series? We take a few minutes each week to discuss what services we offer as your technology concierge and all the latest in different types of services and tech trends. Still unsure of what we do? Watch our vlog this week and we will explain why you need us to uncomplicated technology decisions for your company!! Comment or message us with feedback or questions and tune in next week as we dig in to SEO!

It’s #techtuesday!

It’s #techtuesday! The common theme this month as we have been discussing hosted desktops is security! The partners we hand select to bring our clients hosted services, value and understand how vital keeping your data secure is. Check in with us and let us know if our vlog series has helped you! What would you like to hear from us? Come back every week as we discuss everything we can do for you as your technology concierge!!

Tech Tuesday October 16, 2018

It’s #techtuesday! Let’s elaborate a little bit today about how convenient working with a hosted desktop can be for your business. No need to worry about ransomware, machines breaking down, and you get to keep all of your own software licenses!! Did we mention we have the best service providers in the business? Check out this week’s vlog and learn more.

Tech Tuesday

Hey Friends its #techtuesday again with NW Map and we are back to explain why you need a technology concierge for your business! Let us help you make the best decisions on all things technology based for your company. #techtuesday #technologyconcierge #nwmap #telecom #seo #hostedphones #cloudservices #managedit #socialmedia #colo #wecanhelp


Tech Tuesday 10-9-2018

We are talking hosted desktops again this week on #techtuesday!! We are answering all of the misconceptions people sometimes have about using the Cloud or a hosted desktop. Our service providers host servers used by hospitals and Las Vegas casinos which have to be secure and controlled at all times. Drop us a comment and we will reach out to you about the hosted products we can offer you!