Tech Tuesday 10-9-2018

We are talking hosted desktops again this week on #techtuesday!! We are answering all of the misconceptions people sometimes have about using the Cloud or a hosted desktop. Our service providers host servers used by hospitals and Las Vegas casinos which have to be secure and controlled at all times. Drop us a comment and we will reach out to you about the hosted products we can offer you!

Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect with Neely Loring President, Matrix

Neely Loring
President & COO of Matrix
Columbia, SC 29223

I met up with Neely Loring at Channel Connect hosted by Intelisys in Monterey, CA last week. We talked about what is new at Matrix and why their services set them apart from competitors. What impressed me was their presentation of their virtual server and desktop features for the end users who use CAD. This was shown live using the hotel’s Wifi and it looked like the program was being run on a server in the same building. Amazing! Engineering firms are going to absolutely love this service.