NWMAP Gives New Telecom Agents The Tools to Earn Extra Cash

money-makers-We want to see you succeed. We’ve built a business around relationships and one of the most important ones is with our new Telecom Agents. Feeling like they’re supported and have flexibility can give them a fighting chance with our tools and strategies.

1st plan is
                All you have to do is refer the business and we will do the rest and keep in the loop.   You get paid residually on all that is sold into the account for services you don’t represent.  You get an email of commissions.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   We will meet with the client.  You can get overrides from all your agents sakes.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.
2nd plan is
                We teach you, present, propose and close the opportunity.   We will figure out from the opportunity what is the solutions for the client.   Meet with the client and you.   Commission statement is emailed you.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   You can get overrides from each agent you recruit of all their sales.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.   More commission the referral. 
3rd plan is a direct sales representative with a sliding scale to become a master agent with us.  All the above with more commissions and it starts at one level and increase with sales. 
 25% referrals of what we get from the carriers. 
50% stays in the opportunity but we do all the work of what we get from the carriers.
60% during training of closed sales.
70% after $5000.00 in combined sales total,   Stay at this level without a quota
75% after $10,000 in sales  with some quota
80% after $15.000 in sales with more quota
We need to chat to get more.  
                -Local number to dial
                -Email to contact
                -Pay once a month electronically or by check
-Each product we represent has an agent manager and carrier tools and will help to close the opportunity.
-Excel commission statements emailed or a portal to look at and down load
-Qualify tools
-pass the lead and forget till you get paid
-web site legitimacy
-been in business since 2001
-you can have email, phone number and ext., phone, business cards, virtual desk top, and more from us.
-we can pay in advance up to 50% on closed sales. 
If you have questions, we are available.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Telecom/Sales Agent?

imagesCAXV86Y4When the topic of SALES is mentioned it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some are put off by the mere word while others welcome it and/or it means money in their pocket and even flexible hours! What do you think of? An exciting challenge? A daunting endeavor for extroverts? President of NWMAP, Lennie Green, created a list of a few personality traits and types of people who would make a perfect-fit SALES Agent. He’s witnessed various types of people make a nice living selling Telecom services and products. He’s also been down that road himself.

First of all, it may seem less overwhelming when people know Sales Agents learn on-the-job. This means it’s an opportunity for growth. Lennie has specific tools he supplies his newer agents with and guides them through their independent path of sales. Traits and key points he’s noticed that do well or gravitate towards Sales Agent careers are as follows:

  • Enjoy a challenge. Problems have solutions.
  • Good listeners- every transaction with a customer involves a good amount of listening.
  • Believe in the word-of-mouth system. With each customer you’ve helped, there is a good chance it will get around.
  • View themselves as a business and an asset.
  • Want to do better than good or good enough. they’re always looking to improve themselves and invest in themselves as a business.
  • Good at time management and learn good time skills like closing sells faster.

The nitty gritty:

  • An ability and willingness to learn on-the-job, asking questions, and soaking up knowledge constantly.
  • Even engineering and/or technical people with the knowledge can learn people skills on the job and vice versa- if you have those people skills, you can learn the technical side.
  • Realize sales is about building relationships, networks, and customer satisfaction. It can be very rewarding (aside from the money).
  • A problem solver who enjoys creating strategies and working consistently with clients to find solutions. Think of it as a love connection dating site, except Telecom Sales Agents are matching their clients with the perfect product and service plan.
  • An ability to go between the people side of things to the technical side of things.
  • Speaking, and translating technology terms to clients.

You can grow into a sales position! Start with doing it on the side and build your business.

Interested? https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent

What NW MAP Telecom Can Do For Sales Agents Who Want to Earn Cash

At NW Master Agent Program we take care of our clients, we build long-term relationships and it has everything to do with how we do business. But on the flip-side, we take care of our Telecom Agents, giving them tools they need throughout the process.

  1. Money- Earning cash is the name of the game, but our sales process works for you on your terms. There are carrier promos and incentives, which are an excellent way to earn cash up front. NW MAP Telecom works with over 40 Telecom carriers (best in the business) so there are ample opportunities for you to gain some extra cash quickly. Of course there is the residual income, which works nicely for you over time.
  2. No Ties- Since we work with over 40 carriers in the Telecom business, you have no ties to sell a certain product or push certain services on your clients. We don’t reward you based only on selling a certain carrier’s product. We want our clients to benefit from services and products that fit them specifically so there are no ties to any particular telecom company.
  3. Worth selling- NW MAP is led by industry experts in the Telecom field. They are consistently updating their knowledge base, offering unique services you can’t with other agent programs, and offering quality and variety. Recently NW MAP added to their services some unique selling opportunities. Find out more: https://nwmap.com/contact-us
  4. #1- yes, I realize this is literally number four on the list, but this is more of a reminder. The customer comes first. NWMAP does everything to set you up to take care of our/your clients. If you are taken care of then the clients are taken care of. We strive for a win-win process.

How to become an Agent: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent

Approaching the Topic of Sales Approaches

Businesses know more than ever today, thanks to the Internet. They know what their problems are and often times the solutions as well. Then the right sales agent comes to the rescue, but is this the only way to sell? Shouldn’t you be one step ahead of your clients with your sales approach. Most businesses are learning to be- with new services, innovative products, businesses are trying to anticipate their customers’ needs before it comes to their attention. Bet you didn’t know you needed an iPad, but now you can’t imagine not using it. How about mobile access to the Internet? As consumers, we had no idea we needed these products and services and now they’re practically a necessity.

Elite sales professionals report they don’t just sell more effectively—they sell differently. Perhaps one step ahead. There’s the thought that improving one’s sales strategies boost sales, but changing the way they sell altogether is often the key to higher performance.

  • Engage customers much earlier, well before customers fully understand their own needs. Sometimes this requires finding their problems before they can define it.
  • Discover a personal outcome for the buyer as well.  People still buy based on personal decisions.
  • More creativity is needed for solutions- get creative and think of things your customer hasn’t.  This also involves knowing your product well and asking questions.

NW MAP has the tools to help you be a successful Telecommunications Agent. Contact us today: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent


Make Money Selling Telecom

There is money to be made even for the person who doesn’t know everything about Telecom technology- It’s possible. In fact, it is more possible than ever with more money to be made as well.

Telecom today is dramatically different than it was 15 years ago when an agent would be limited to selling long distance services and perhaps conference calling. The products and services to be offered are extremely advantageous, from the ease of selling a necessary service to providing a cost effective, competitive technology for clients.

Core Voice and Data Services: Local, Long-distance, Toll-free, DSL, Cable Modem, T1 line, Integrated T1.

VoIP Services:VoIP (voice over IP) and SIP Trunking.

Conferencing Services: Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, and Video Conferencing.

Data Services:Private Lines, T1, DS3, Optical Circuits, Frame Relay/ATM, Ethernet Private Lines and LAN, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching WAN technology), Virtual Private Networks, Wavelengths, and Wireless WAN.

Mobile Voice and Data

Hosted Services: Unified Communications and IP PBX.

Managed Services: Remote Network Monitoring and security, Remote Data Back-up, and restoration.

Professional Services: NWMAP offers consulting, Telecom Expense Management, Telecom Project Management, and Company Moving Services.

For additional info on becoming a Telecom Agent please visit: https://nwmap.com/contact-us on our contact page.