A technology concierge service arranges any aspect of the way you need to run your business so that you can maximize your time! The scope of technology services that are needed for everyday use is large ranging anywhere from cloud and hosted phones/desktops, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Management, Project Management, IT, even right down to your basic phone and internet services.
Some businesses will always prefer to do these things off their own back, but in this day and age where technology changes daily- people are increasingly turning to concierge services to manage it for them. We are going to tell you exactly why you need to have our technology concierge service on your speed dial!
1. A Personal Pro-Active Service Tailored to You!
One of the biggest benefits of using a technology concierge like NW Map is that we can give you your own personal concierge specialist. When working with our team, you will be interacting with the same few people at all times for your requests. By learning your business’ actual needs, we are able to customize and make helpful recommendations proactively for what would best suit your company’s growth and success!!
2. Your Personal Guidebook and Search Engine.
Researching the best carriers and service providers is a time consuming task. There are 100’s of them! Why search blindly on the internet when you can ask for an educated recommendation from an expert with an established and trusted database of contacts? This removes the unknown element, and puts you in trusted hands.
3. Save Time!
Most of our clients will say that the main reason they use our concierge service is to free up time, which allows them to run their company rather than spending time researching which service provider to use or how to boost their internet presence. A technology concierge service offers your business’ most priceless commodity – your time!
4. Access to an Expert’s Insider Knowledge and Skills.
As your technology concierge, we will always be looking for the best of everything technology and business related to recommend to our clients! You will have access to our insider knowledge and expertise. Want to know the best new Social Media tricks? How about someone who will manage your billing so you are not ever overcharged again? What service provider or carrier has outstanding customer service? A competitive rate on brand new phones? Your technology concierge experts at NW Map will know all those answers and more.
5. Convenience. Convenience. Convenience.
It’s not always about saving time or offering solutions to a problem you can’t solve yourself – it’s the convenience of having someone on hand, at the end of the phone or email, to help run your business in the areas that are time consuming. Again this will enable you to maximize your day and maybe even allowing you some more free time!
6. Complimentary Benefits.
A true concierge service will strive to negotiate for the best pricing and benefits for its clients wherever possible. Upgrades that are necessary but that won’t break your budget, guided recommendations if we see that you are lacking in areas that will boost your growth, giving you timely attention to any issues that arise with a service carrier, and making you a priority for any and all questions and ideas you might have! Our technology concierge service can add value to you as a business owner and save you money.
7. Always Know About the Latest In Tech!
At NW Map, through our client updates and regular communication with you as well as through our blog posts, etc., we strive to always keep our clients informed of the best new resources that will be of benefit to them. We have an outstanding team of partners and service providers who know we take care of our clients and that we expect them to do so too. We are in the know and will always make sure you are too!
8. Exclusive Customer Care.
Not all concierge providers are created equal unfortunately. A good technology concierge will always have your best interest and needs in mind and make your business’ technology health their top priority. We really pride ourselves at making sure our clients know we are here for them and have their backs. You will be checked in on and collaborated with on a regular basis to ensure that everything is up to par and making your life easier!
A technology concierge service may not seem like its for everyone. Some will always choose to research and do things themselves or feel they just don’t need external help. But for those in the know, a technology concierge will not only make their days running their company more productive, but will alleviate so much of the stress and hassle of figuring out the ever changing world of technology. A wise business owner and leader sees the value in outsourcing and asking for help… is this you?