So You Want to be a Telecom Agent? Or Just Earn Extra Cash?

There’s benefits to being a Telecom agent…make your own hours, do as much or as little for what suits your life and needs, create a residual income, make money up front with carrier promos (monthly, seasonal, quarterly). One additional benefit if you choose to partner with NWMAP, we set you up with the tools you need. We also serve as your backup system- you need us, we’re there, you get sales, we take it from there. We help assure our clients/ your clients are well taken care of.

NWMAP does not pressure you to sell certain products or services. It’s very different from the sales agent who works for one specific Telecom company. Sometimes they are told what to say, what to sell, and so forth. We have/offer multiple carriers for a reason, so our clients get what they want, but also so our agents can offer what IS BEST for our clients…a best fit is what we like to call it.

There’s lots of Fall and end of year promos going on. Make some extra cash for your holiday pocket and join our team!

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How was Your Summer?

Well summer is coming to an end soon. Kids are back in school! NWMAP Telecom team had an awesome summer and hope you did too! We want to remind you that just because summer is over doesn’t mean you won’t need some extra cash- here is how you can become a Telecom Agent and earn more:

Yes, we give you all the tools you need to get your started and get you to your goal. Some specifics:

Lennie Green, President of NWMAP, takes pride in elevating our agents to their peak potential and taking great care of our clients so our agents see the benefits of repeat and referred business.

And if you want to add an extra dose of fun to your summer next year, join us on our annual rafting trip:

We promise it’s a fun time. Clients, friends, agents are all welcome. Here’s what some had to say about the 2013 rafting trip:

  • “Thank you for an awesome rafting trip. It was my first time and I can’t wait to go again!”
  • “Thank you so much for our rafting trip. It was a wonderful time. The water fights are the best!”
  • “Big thanks to Lennie and James. It was a great day at work.”


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Telecom in the News!

Each month NWMAP Telecom likes to feature Telecom events that made it in the news or pertinent info to your need-to-know Telecom info. We haven’t updated this in a couple of months now so we’d like to start anew this month by sharing WHERE we get our news from.

Many sites have frequently updated Tech and Telecom info in abundance, but not all of it is pertinent to everyone. We focus on widespread news that benefits or affects many people. Lately we’ve been focusing on business, sales approach, and other aspects within the Telecom industry itself.

Some great daily info for CIO’s and even CEO’s is at the Harvard Business Review site under the “Blogs” section: There is a lot of info here from leadership, sales approaches, innovation, and all the other buzz words of the day. Some of it is based largely on opinions, making it subjective in nature, However, there are some gems here so keep on the lookout. Our favorite this month was:

We also like our Telecom carriers’ blogs. NWMAP has over 40 carriers we represent. These are specific to the needs of our agents at NWMAP and people in the industry. We like Intelysis Blog and Telecom Channel Blog: . Another good one is 8×8: http://www.8×

For the daily grind: and Oh, and one more: . You’re going to find company specific news here and news on the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google, etc.


What NW MAP Telecom Can Do For Sales Agents Who Want to Earn Cash

At NW Master Agent Program we take care of our clients, we build long-term relationships and it has everything to do with how we do business. But on the flip-side, we take care of our Telecom Agents, giving them tools they need throughout the process.

  1. Money- Earning cash is the name of the game, but our sales process works for you on your terms. There are carrier promos and incentives, which are an excellent way to earn cash up front. NW MAP Telecom works with over 40 Telecom carriers (best in the business) so there are ample opportunities for you to gain some extra cash quickly. Of course there is the residual income, which works nicely for you over time.
  2. No Ties- Since we work with over 40 carriers in the Telecom business, you have no ties to sell a certain product or push certain services on your clients. We don’t reward you based only on selling a certain carrier’s product. We want our clients to benefit from services and products that fit them specifically so there are no ties to any particular telecom company.
  3. Worth selling- NW MAP is led by industry experts in the Telecom field. They are consistently updating their knowledge base, offering unique services you can’t with other agent programs, and offering quality and variety. Recently NW MAP added to their services some unique selling opportunities. Find out more:
  4. #1- yes, I realize this is literally number four on the list, but this is more of a reminder. The customer comes first. NWMAP does everything to set you up to take care of our/your clients. If you are taken care of then the clients are taken care of. We strive for a win-win process.

How to become an Agent:

Better Selling in 2013

We’re going to really dive into the topic of sales this month because we know many of you are looking back on 2012 and looking forward to 2013 with goals in mind. How do you plan on targeting clients and new customers? How do you plan on being your personal best? We have some tips that came right from the horse’s mouth…well, top business execs and popular business blogs of 2012. Want to be a best-seller? Read on:

  • Build on past successes.
  • Focus. As the year goes on and we pile one thing on top of the other, we can lose our priorities and focus.
  • Improve and innovate. Customers demand a better way to do everything and this isn’t unreasonable.
  • Sell solutions, not services or products. Meet specific needs of your clients instead of focusing on specific products only.
  • Demonstrate a drive to learn and listen. Your success depends on your clients success so learn from them and listen to them.
  • Make it easy for your customers. Find ways to make it easy for your customers to choose you- this means making the technology or transitions easier or communicating your value above others.