Integra already has an excellent security portfolio, but they just took it one giant leap forward…again. Leveraging Arbor Networks’ technology, Integra will provide fully managed, off-premises protection for its customers’ network infrastructure and online websites.
What’s DDoS? Distributed Denial of Service are attacks in service that affect business, productivity, reliability, and revenue.
Why does a business care? Most of us are aware that hackers are becoming quite sophisticated and attack any size business. These attacks can steal your identity/ information, flood your online flow disrupting business, and break past traditional firewalls.
How does this service help? Filters malicious traffic to allow for clean flow to come through.
THE KICKER!! Integra absorbs the malicious traffic so your Internet bandwidth is not effected.
What are the other benefits?

24/7 security and industry-leading services.
 Choice of plans that specifically coincide with each business’ goals for optimal security.
 Secures from all angles and in every aspect of business from email to filtering of online anomalies.